‘What Stands in the Way Becomes the Way’

Credit: Ryan Holiday

I’m halfway through The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday — and it’s already one of the most compelling books I’ve read.

In the preface, Ryan tells the story of Marcus Aurelius, a former emperor of the Roman Empire, who often wrote to himself. This quote is from one of Marcus’ writings:

The impediment to action advances action.
What stands in the way
becomes the way.

It sets the stage for the general theme of this book — to embrace obstacles as part of the path to success (whatever that means for you). But before we can embrace obstacles as part of our respective paths, we must take the time to address our respective obstacles.

My current obstacles include an uncertainty of what I want in my life across the board.

Do I want to settle in one city, or do I want to live the “digital nomad” lifestyle?

Do I want to be in a relationship, or do I want to be single?

Do I want to focus on making as much money as possible (and thus “hustle” harder), or do I want to rack up more life experiences, while making enough money to make ends meet and saving enough for a rainy day?

These and other questions are currently on my mind.

Now, I pose the question to you: What obstacles are standing in your way of achieving success? (Again, whatever success means for you.)

Sometimes, obstacles are unforeseeable. They seemingly come out of nowhere, like a deer in the headlights.

But more often than not, we know the obstacles that stand in our way; we just choose to ignore or disregard them because it appears easier to do so.

When you’re clear about the obstacles in your way, it becomes easier to embrace them as part of your journey.

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